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WHY recycled plastic?
Products made from recycled plastic offer a number of performance benefits:
Extremely durable

Products have an expected lifespan of at least 60 years with little wear.

Less flammable

Most recycled plastic products are difficult to ignite and fire does not spread readily.

Cost saving

Significant savings in labour and materials due to reduced maintenance and replacement requirements. No painting or treatment necessary.

Insect resistant

Recycled plastic products are resistant to insects.


Rot and algae proof therefore no maintenance, painting or preservations required.

Weather Resistant

Materials are proven to be highly resistant to environmental weathering compared to wood.
Vandal resistant

Due to its surface texture, the product is very resistant to graffiti, which can be removed with household cleaners.

Non-slip & Splinter-free

The plastic is moulded to have a non-slip surface that does not splinter.

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