Royal BenchesOrder numbers
Single Royal BenchSRB 10001
1,3m Royal BenchSRB 13001
1,6m Royal BenchSRB 16001
Fancy Benches With Backrest Order numbers
Single Fancy Bench SFBWB 10001
1,2m Fancy Bench SFBWB 12001
1,5m Fancy Bench SFBWB 15001
1.8m Fancy BenchSFBWB 18001
Fancy Benches Without Back Order numbers
1,2m Fancy Bench SFBNB  12001
1,5m Fancy Bench SFBNB  15001
1,8m Fancy Bench SFBNB  18001
2.4 m Fancy Bench Order numbers
3,5m Fancy BenchSFBNB  35001
School Bench Order numbers
1,2m School Bench SGB 12001
1,6m Garden Bench  Order numbers
1,5m School BenchSGB 15001
1,8m School BenchSGB 18001
3,6m School BenchSGB 36001
School bench with Backrests  Order numbers
Single Seater School Bench with backrestSPB 1001
2 Seater School Bench with BackrestSPB 2001
3 Seater School Bench with BackrestSPB 3001
Berg Bench Order numbers
Single Seater with armrestsSBC 1001A
Single Seater without armrestsSBC 1001
2 Seater without armrestsSBB 2001
Tree Benches Order numbers
6 Seater Hex Tree Bench.STB06HX001
12 Seater Hex Tree BenchSTB12HX001
12 Seater SQ Tree BenchSTB12Q001
Morris Benches Order numbers
Single Morris ChairSMB 13001
2 Seater Morris benchSMC 0001

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